A Phoenix area jeep tour is the perfect way to take an in-depth look at the landscape, wildlife, history, and culture of the American Southwest. While Phoenix and neighboring Scottsdale may have a bustling, urban feel to them, they are both incorporated into a desert that is every bit as wild as it appears in old western films. A jeep tour in Scottsdale or Phoenix provides an exciting, controlled environment for exploring the harsh (but beautiful!) surroundings of these cities.

So how to find just the right tour? We’ve got you covered. Take the following tips into account when searching for the perfect Phoenix jeep tour.

Don’t go it alone.

There are reputable, licensed companies that have been doing jeep tours in the Phoenix area for years. They have the right equipment, knowledge, and skill to make your jeep tour enjoyable, informative, and safe. While some may be tempted to rent their own vehicles and explore alone, the experience will not be the same as a guided jeep tour. Leave it to the pros!

Invest in the memory.

There are plenty of ways to spend your money in Phoenix, but none will give you a better feel of the Arizona desert than a jeep ride through the desert itself. While some of these jeep tours may seem expensive, the fact is that the information and experience you gain from a quality tour is truly priceless! Investing in a good, reputable jeep tour is the best way to ensure that your experience is unique and memorable.

Look for the experience, not just the tour.

Sure, there is plenty to see on a desert jeep tour, but there’s also plenty to do, feel, and even smell! A great jeep tour will offer not only an exciting jeep ride, but will also allow you to disembark and get up close and personal with the one of a kind landscape.

The truth is, Phoenix and Scottsdale area jeep tours have so much to offer — even more than you might think. You might expect cacti, for example, but what about lava rock? And sure, geckos and snakes are common desert animals, but a jeep tour might introduce you to far rarer desert dwellers, including bald eagles. Some tours will get you up close and personal with desert plants, while a tour along Sidewinder Ridge will introduce you to mining history and tales of desert gold. Some jeep tours even include boat tours along neighboring lakes!


The guide makes all the difference.

We’ve all had that tour guide — the one that almost puts you to sleep as he recites a memorized script that isn’t particularly interesting or useful. On a jeep tour in the Phoenix area, you really don’t want that tour guide.

The right tour guide is going to feel like a part of your group — a fellow explorer who just happens to know all there is to know about cacti, desert minerals, monsoons, and Native American culture. Good guides can present all of this information to you in a fun, exciting way that will leave you feeling like you were out with friends, rather than on another stiff tour.

Not only that, but the best tour guides are going to be the ones that have gone through certifications and training in order to make sure that your jeep tour is safe and comfortable. When looking for the right Phoenix area jeep tour, ask about the tour guides. Do they have these qualifications? Have they gone through special training that has certified them not only for driving in tough conditions, but also for things like CPR and first aid?


Don’t leave your memories in the hands of just anyone. Choose a jeep tour company that is known for their incredible guides!

A jeep tour in Phoenix or Scottsdale is undoubtedly the perfect way to explore the area. Make sure you choose the right company to make the experience worthwhile. With well-trained and highly certified guides, incredible tour routes, and just the right amount of adventure, Pink Adventure Tours offers unforgettable jeep tours that just can’t be beat. Now get out there and experience the desert!

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    One of thesevdays I would love to go on one of these tours, maybe a couple of them.

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